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Investment Statement

Oceanflow Energy Ltd has acquired significant investment from Aquamarine Power Ltd to allow it to continue developing its technology for producing energy from deep water tidal resource.

Aquamarine Power already boasts a strong, diverse portfolio of marine energy converters; Oyster®, its hydro-electric wave power device, is due for installation at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) next year.

Aquamarine Power’s tidal stream energy converter, Neptune™ is the largest under development at 2.4MW. The Neptune power conversion nacelles will be demonstrated on a pile-mounted structure at 30m water depth.

The Oceanflow Energy device Evopod™ is a moored, semi-submersible structure designed to generate electricity in exposed, deep water sites. The device’s patented low motion hull is a clever innovation that makes it suitable for operation in harsh environments, such as the Pentland Firth.

Ultimately Evopod could be used to mount Aquamarine Power’s Neptune nacelles – opening up the whole of the UK’s tidal stream resource for exploitation.

Aquamarine have also released a statement on their website which can be reached by following the link below.

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