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First Testing of Evopod at Strangford Narrows...

Trials have started on a 1/10th scale Evopod device at Portaferry, Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland. Evopod was launched and installed onto its pre-laid moorings over one period of slack water and was immediately generating. The 1.5m diameter unit is heavily instrumented to measure power generation, mooring load and device motion data.

Graeme Mackie, Managing Director of Oceanflow Energy said, “The testing of Evopod’s semi-submerged hull form and midwater buoy mooring system in the real environment of Strangford Narrows will provide invaluable data for the design and deployment of larger commercial scale units. The initial results from the tests at Portaferry have confirmed the viability of Evopod’s innovative hull form and mooring solution and we are excited about the wealth of operational data to be obtained through this trial programme.”

The performance data captured from Evopod’s instrumentation will be fed into the generic tidal energy research programme EPSRC Supergen Marine phase 2 through cooperation with Queen’s University Belfast who operate the Portaferry Marine Laboratory.

The construction and instrumentation of Evopod has been part funded by a One NorthEast Research and Development Grant awarded to OceanFlow Energy Limited (OEL), formally Overberg Ltd, in December 2007. The power control, instrumentation, data logging and communication package has been specifically developed for OEL by NaREC. The system provides OEL with the facility to remotely monitor and download data captured by Evopod from their offices in North Shields over 200 miles from Portaferry.

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