Potential deploment sites
Potential deploment sites

Tidal streams, ocean currents and run-of-river are all forms of hydro-kinetic energy (energy of flowing water) that can be extracted using Evopod's horizontal axis turbine / generator solution.

Tidal streams are cyclical flows set up by the gravitational attraction of bodies in our solar system, particularly the moon and the sun. They vary in amplitude and direction roughly on a daily cycle and a monthly cycle but are very predictable and reliable in their occurrence.

The UK's extractable tidal stream energy resource is approximately 5% to 10% of the Global resource. Nearly 80% of the UK's resource is in relatively deep waters that are exposed to harsh wave conditions. Evopod is specifically developed to address this market which has annual revenue potential of 2.0bn (underpinned by 1.5 ROCs).

Ocean currents are a convection system caused by thermal gradients in the oceans and the rotation of the earth. Unlike tides they are almost constant in their direction and their velocity fluctuates only by small amounts according to the seasons of the year.

The most promising is the Florida Current which, if just 3% of its energy was extracted would produce 8TWh/y of electricity.

The Agulhas current off the south east coast of South Africa has also been assessed as having exploitable potential and could generate 10 to 20TWh/y of electricity.

Run-of-river turbines exploit the kinetic energy in free flowing rivers or diversion channels rather than constructing dams and extracting the potential energy from the impounded water. The global market for run-of-river turbines has been estimated to be as much if not more than tidal stream energy and would utilise similar turbine technology. Oceanflow has developed solutions for exploiting this resource using our patent protected floating tethered technology.

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