E35 on Campbeltown Harbour
E35, Campbeltown Harbour
Twin Turbine Evopod
Twin Turbine
Starfloat farm
Starfloat Wind Farm
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In August 2014 Oceanflow deployed its 1/4th scale mono-turbine Evopod in Sanda Sound, Scotland which follows the successful operational experience of our 1/10th scale project in Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland. The new 1/4th scale project consists of an Evopod with a rated output of 37kW which will be connected into the 11kV grid at Southend, South Kintyre in 2015. In January 2014 Oceanflow signed a Lease with The Crown Estate for an area of Sanda Sound in 20m water depth where the flow speed is up to 4.5 knots. Our licence to deploy the device was awarded by Marine Scotland in September 2012 following extensive environmental surveys of the area including seabird and marine wildlife surveys which were carried out over 2010/11.

Twin Turbine

The development of a twin turbine Evopod is in progress. Model tests were carried out at Newcastle University's flume tank backed up by extensive simulations using the OrcaFlex mooring simulation package. The twin turbine Evopod (Evo-twin) with a rated output of 100kW is being developed both with Oceanflow's in-house designed turbine machinery and with third parties' machinery solutions.

Oceanflow's Evopod also has application to run-of-river sites where the floating device is tethered to the river bed. A twin turbine solution has been developed with rated outputs ranging from 5kW to 10kW depending upon flow speed in water depths as little as 3 metres.


Oceanflow has completed proof of concept of its innovative Starfloat offshore wind turbine floating foundation system. Starfloat incorporates Oceanflow's knowledge of low motion semi-submerged platforms and mooring systems in a very compact and low cost design offering real improvements in LCOE for deep water offshore wind.