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Shell Springboard Award

Oceanflow were one of two companies to receive a Shell Springboard regional award for the North of England and Scotland, in 2009.

In 2008 Oceanflow received investment from Aquamarine Power Ltd to help develop Evopod's commercial capabilities. Aquamarine Power is a global industry top seven marine energy company with head offices in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Oceanflow Energy are collaborating with Queen's University Belfast in the Strangford Lough 10th scale Evopod trials. This collaboration is part of the wider information project - "SuperGen". QUB provide installation and monitoring services, as well as unique testing programmes designed for the 10th scale Evopod.

ONE Northeast : Regional Development Agency

Oceanflow Energy was awarded a DTI Research grant (administered by the North of England RDA OneNorthEast) in July 2005 to validate the Evopod concept and a further Research grant in 2007 to test a 1/10th scale Evopod and its innovative mooring solution in the real bi-directional tidal currents at Strangford Narrows, Northern Ireland.

Newcastle University
Scale model tests were carried out at the University of Newcastle’s School of Marine Science and Technology (MAST) at its combined wave and current flume tank to validate turbine efficiency and motion and stability characteristics.

The scale model was built at Design Right Solutions, part of the Sunderland Business Innovation Centre (BIC) using rapid prototyping technology.

Research Centre for Innovation and Design
Newcastle University’s Research Centre for Innovation and Design (RCID) has supported the development of the mooring solution including the generation of a computer animation of the mooring design.

Spirit of Innovation
Evopod was awarded Product of the Year Award 2006  by the Spirit of Innovation 2006 committee. The award scheme celebrates unique achievements in innovation and enterprise throughout the North East.

The New and Renewable Energy Centre
Evopod was selected by the New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC) for the demonstration of its large scale tidal testing facility at the Tees Barrage. NaREC also developed the instrumentation and control solution used on the 1/10th scale Evopod unit tested at Strangford Narrows.

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