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Oceanflow Energy Limited's primary objective is the continued development and commercialisation of Evopod™, a device for generating electricity from the kinetic energy in tidal streams, ocean currents and river estuaries.

The Company is also keen to share its experiences that could be relevant to other organisations by offering consultancy support in the development of marine renewables. Areas of expertise within Oceanflow are:

  • Floating platform design and analysis
  • Mooring system design and simulation
  • Seabed cable / umbilical deployment simulation
  • Planning and modelling marine operations
  • Consenting and leasing
  • Power transmission and grid connection


A key attribute of Evopod™ platform and mooring technology is its suitability for operation in exposed sites where severe wind and waves also make up the environment.

Evopod™ is a semi-submerged, floating, tethered energy capture device. It uses a simple but effective mooring and power export solution that allows the free floating device to maintain optimum heading into the direction of flow of the tidal stream or ocean current.

Evopod™ uses proven, low cost wind turbine and marine industry components and can be readily disconnected from its mooring system for relocating to sheltered waters for maintenance.

The intellectual property of Evopod™ is wholly owned by Oceanflow Energy Ltd. The innovative hull form used for Evopod™ has been awarded patent protection in the UK and other countries.

Evopod™ offers a low cost, low risk entry to the tidal stream, ocean current and river estuary renewable energy market using a solution that has evolved from related technologies in the offshore oil and gas and wind energy industries.